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Wayne Brewer "Life insurance and estate planning are services that are badly needed, and Promark Financial is in a great position to help. Promark provides a service that will change the lives of those in need.”

Wayne Brewer,
Promark Financial client, 2007

Most people do not consider the impact that life insurance and estate planning will have on their financial future. It is placed on the back burner until they remember it is there, and Mr. Wayne Brewer was no different.

His wife Helinda was concerned about planning for the future, but he couldn’t be bothered – after all, they were still young. But Helinda persisted, finally convincing Wayne to meet with Ed Gabrin from Promark Financial. At a time when the market was just beginning to change, Helinda suggested that Wayne take Ed’s advice and purchase life insurance. Wayne Brewer was impressed with Ed’s professionalism and expertise, so he agreed. Shortly thereafter, Wayne lost his job that he had held for 40 years, and Helinda passed away from cancer. He needed financial guidance in this time of confusion and sought Ed’s professional help. Ed arranged for Mr. Brewer to sit with him and discuss his financial situation. Ed ended up being able to review Wayne’s investments and save him $200,000 that he would have otherwise lost. Wayne Brewer says that without Ed the government would have taken over 50% of his estate.

Now Wayne is running his own business and again enjoying financial freedom. He attributes his success to the compassion and professionalism in the service that Ed and Promark Financial provided.
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