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Critical Illness Insurance

Promark Financial: Critical Illness Insurance
  1. Get the treatment you want
  2. Spend time with your family
    and friends
  3. Keep your home and other assets
When you purchase critical illness insurance, it helps to fill in the financial gaps not covered by traditional health, disability, life, and accident insurance. If a life-threatening illness occurs, critical illness insurance pays the insured a benefit to help protect his or her quality of life.

A critical illness insurance plan is an individual health policy that pays a lump sum benefit upon diagnosis of one of the covered illnesses as defined in the policy. A partial benefit may also be paid for a specific illness or specified surgical treatment as defined in the policy.

Traditional health insurance is valuable, but often limiting. Because medical treatment is more advanced than ever, it's also more expensive. People today often experience financial hardship because of the medical expenses their health and disability insurance don't cover. Critical illness insurance could be a strong supplement to other health insurance.

Critical Illness

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