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Representative HighlightPromark equips its community of employees with the skills and tools necessary to make them successful individuals. There is a strong community standard of diligence, passion, and respect upheld within the company. Our representatives strive to perform to the best of their abilities both in the workplace and in their personal lives.

A perfect example in the Promark community is Alice Huang. A graduate of California State Fullerton, Alice has been with Promark since March 2005. She was looking for a career that was not your typical nine-to-five drag. She found Promark’s flexibility and unique work environment was the perfect solution.

“Promark Financial is committed to developing its team and giving me the tools to succeed in this industry. As a representative of Promark Financial, I am provided with an environment that trains, supports, and equips me with the knowledge and training I need to provide excellent service to clients.. I am also rewarded generously for my hard work with one of the finest compensation programs in the industry: I am rewarded for the time and effort I put into providing optimum service to our clients.”

The MarketThe Market

Promark Financial is focused on reaching the middle market. This market had been neglected by the financial service market because of its lack of high end clientele. Promark extends its hand to the middle market and provides a reliable service to the millions of people who have been neglected. Promark focuses on groups such as the pre-retirement and retirement community. The number of people in the retirement community is a staggering 78 million with a net worth of 17 trillion dollars. In addition, we focus on the Asian and Hispanic markets. The impact that these groups have had on the economy is one of the most significant changes the general market has seen. Their growth is an opportunity for Promark to provide a service that will help them adapt as they become further acculturated into Middle America.

Training and SupportTraining and support

At Promark, we have a comprehensive training system that teaches our agents real life situations and experiences. We provide the tools and technology necessary to lead the pace of growth within the financial industry. We believe it is important to learn and experience the industry first hand.

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